Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Capture That Kid! 1st NC Workshop w/ Alissa Bray Photography

    We (Alissa Bray Photography) were so excited to team up with Lisa Rappa Photography in Woodstock, GA to put together our very first photography workshop.  I have to admit that I was pretty nervous going into it.  How was I supposed to teach someone else how to use their camera!?!? Well, after a few weeks of preparation, I realized that it wasn't that bad  :-) I actually loved it!! I got to spend 4 hours with an awesome group of ladies and teach them all to do something that I love so much! We went over all sorts of things. They learned how to use their camera in manual mode, where to find the best light, a little bit on composition, a little bit more on post processing, and best of all we got to practice to make sure everyone wasn't thoroughly confused when the walked out the door.  I'm pretty sure I couldn't guarantee they weren't, but they all acted like they knew what they were doing and were motivated to go out and "capture their kid!"

    I had every intention of having a kid model here to practice on, but as luck would have it, it POURED all day long.  So...we had to improvise with our own little pup-arrazi :-) My dog, Rocky, will not jump off the bed because he is scared, so sadly, that's where I put him.  Everyone got to snap pictures of him and practice in a well lit room.  It was hilarious, but definitely helped everyone get the hang of combining all their settings for an awesome picture! We have also put together a closed Facebook group to answer questions and see all your pictures as you practice. It's such an awesome resource to make sure that manual mode feels natural and you don't fall back to's a four letter word, you know ;-)

    I want to send a special shout out to Kelley of Kelley P Smallman Photography here in Fort Mill, SC for taking these awesome pictures of me in action and all the fun we had at our first Capture that Kid Workshop :-)

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