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    Photographing children requires skills outside of just the "technical stuff." To truly be able to capture a child's spirit on camera it's important to also know how to connect with children on their level. Capture That Kid! is focused on sharing ways to help children have fun during sessions, tips and tricks for keeping them entertained, capturing the in between moments, composing great shots with fast moving toddlers, and other ideas for inspiration. 
    The Capture That Kid! blog is geared towards both parents and child photographers and focused on ages 0-12. We look forward to featuring other talented artists on here too! And although the workshops are currently local and based in Woodstock, Ga and Charlotte, NC the hope over time is to team up with photographers nationwide to host Capture That Kid! workshops all over! 

Thank you for reading! Feedback and questions are always welcome and can be sent to lisarappaphotography@gmail.com

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